webOS-based HP Hurricane tablet rumored for Q3

Shortly after announcing a blockbuster deal to acquire Palm, HP confessed that it would be “doubling down on webOS,” with near-term plans to “scale it across multiple connected devices.” We took the liberty at that point to assume this meant that a larger webOS-based device was at least sitting around in the rear of someone’s mind, and now it sounds as if Palm loyalists may actually have something tangible to look forward to. According to an unsubstantiated report over at the Examiner, an “insider at HP” has informed the site that “a webOS tablet under the code name HP Hurricane could be released the third quarter of this year.” This all lines up well with what we’ve heard over the past few weeks: HP pledged to take webOS to places it has never been, strong whispers emerged that the HP Slate was being shelved, and now, people close to the HP camp have given a name to a purported webOS tablet slated for Q3. There’s obviously no telling if this is simply hot air being blown, but we wouldn’t be shocked to see HP nail down a webOS slate in time for the sure-to-be-rockin’ 2010 holiday buying season. Or maybe we’re just crossing our fingers, humming aloud and praying to our lucky stars that this all pans out.

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just the angle makes all the difference

Imagine you have a little robot that holds a pencil. Set it down on a sheet of paper and give it these instructions:

  1. Move forward 3 units and turn right.
  2. Move forward 1 unit and turn right.
  3. Move forward 2 units and turn left.
  4. Move forward 1 unit and turn left.
  5. Move forward 2 units and turn right.
  6. Repeat.

If the robot makes its turns at 90° angles, it will produce this figure:


But, remarkably, if it turns at 120° it will draw this:

star of david

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A Bear’s Bets on the Future [Pomboy]

I’m keeping my powder dry. I’m long Treasuries because I think there will be a moment when people realize the economy isn’t as strong as they think. At the same time, there will be a flight back to safety. Both forces should benefit Treasuries. I’m also bullish on oil and gold because emerging economies will want those resources. I have more than 50% of my portfolio in cash and gold. I have physical gold, money in the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) [an exchange-traded fund], and gold mining stocks. I don’t view gold as being in a bubble. To me, gold is a currency—my protection against further debasement of the dollar.

As for stocks, I would overweight U.S. multinationals that sell things everybody around the world is going to want to buy, like Procter & Gamble (PG). I would avoid high-end-retail stocks. I personally have a short position in the Nasdaq 100 index, and I would never recommend that for individual investors. They are better off waiting to figure out where the growth opportunities are.

The Stats: Stephanie Pomboy is founder and president of financial research firm MacroMavens, which serves institutional investors, including global hedge funds and some of the largest U.S. mutual funds. She worked with economist Ed Hyman at ISI group for 11 years before starting MacroMavens in 2002.

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