The New Hotmail Challenges Gmail

Hotmail, Microsoft’s webmail service, has improved a lot in the past two years. Hotmail is now a modern web application that no longer traps users’s data and focuses on important things like speed, usability, fighting spam and integrating with other communication services.

The latest Hotmail update, that will be released as part of Windows Live Wave 4, tries to show that Microsoft finally managed to develop a better email service than Gmail and, in many ways, succeeds.

Google has a lot to do to catch up with the new Hotmail, but that’s a good thing. Competition is what makes products better.

via The New Hotmail Challenges Gmail.


2 thoughts on “The New Hotmail Challenges Gmail

  1. Hi, you are claiming the new Hotmail is challenging Gmail. That is your opinion and I respect it but how do you explain then no one today desires to create a hotmail email address? While it used to be a cool thing it now became really old fashion. I recently wrote about. I’ m really interested in the technology and features battle but more about the branding exercize. How a brand that was so powerful managed to lose its competitive edge so quickly.

  2. this post is actually a repost from googlesystem.blogspot, not my own thoughts. i was interested that microsoft wasn’t giving up, and i think the article makes some good points about how they have improved hotmail, and are challenging google with innovative features. people may not respect hotmail anymore and may not come back to using hotmail, but your post ignores the true innovation.

    you ought to read the full article

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