1Password on Android – THE SOLUTION

Until Agile has the time to write a proper Android app, i have found a way to view my passwords on my new Nexus One. You must have Dropbox installed on the phone, and have exported an encrypted HTML file from 1Password on your computer to your Dropbox. I was really frustrated that opening that file in the Android web browser strangely produces nothing, but was thrilled to find this solution … from WITHIN THE ANDROID DROPBOX APP, when you choose to open that encrypted HTML file, it will give you a choice of apps to use, and if you then choose DB HTML READER … that’s it!  happy, happy, joy, joy

EDIT (July 6):  Agile is on the case … 1Password for Android Arrives

this is very early beta, they haven’t even figured out how to access the file from dropbox (which is essential, and should be easy), but kudo’s to Agile for recognizing the need and getting going on learning a new environment. yay!


4 thoughts on “1Password on Android – THE SOLUTION

  1. sadly all this hack allows you to do is view the data, not copy … we’ll need to wait for Agile to write a proper app to do that (and launching the browser and autofill would be nice too). truly the one disappointment i have moving to Nexus One from iPhone is that i may need to switch away from great 1Password … cause i’m not sure we’re going to see Agile do Android anytime soon

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