The Descent Of Power: An Interpretation of the Global Economic Crisis

To be a strategist in depth in this era, you must work at acquiring several skills. First and
primary is the ability to control your own emotions that tend to cloud your sense of judgment.
What matters is not your ego or appearing right or being admired, but winning. To win you must
be realistic and see things as they are. From this base of inner balance, you study history and its
many lessons; you immerse yourself in the present and the trends that are taking shape. You
encompass in your considerations not merely the battle in front of you, but the larger war, the
cultural and social factors—everything. You understand what is happening, the historic moment
we are living through. Once you reach the proper elevation, you can then make rational decisions
—moving with calibrated boldness or biding your time.

Robert Greene

via Power, Seduction and War.


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