Winning a golf tournament – skill or luck?

Pro golfers who lack adequate power are like runners competing with pebbles in their shoes. They lose fractions of a stroke on most long shots, meaning that over 18 holes they are slowly ground down by the course. Golfers overemphasize putting because they can’t mentally tally these fractional losses. Instead, they carry around those pesky missed eight-footers. But the truth is that once a pro golfer is crouched down to examine the break of a green, there’s not as much room for him to excel. That’s partly because golfers are very close in skill on the greens, and it’s also because nothing that disastrous can happen, such as putting into the water. The tee box, the fairway, and the rough are where good and bad things happen on the golf course. The green is mostly there to make you hate yourself.

via Does winning a golf tournament come down to skill or luck? – By Michael Agger – Slate Magazine.


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