Arcade Fire ‘The Wilderness Downtown’

Arcade Fire has release an interactive short film to accompany their song We Used To Wait, from their latest album The Suburbs.

Called The Wilderness Downtown, the film was shot by director Chris Milk (who has also made videos for Kanye West and U2) and features an unlikely collaborator: Google.

The company teamed up with the band and the director on the interactive element, which makes use of the companies Google Map and Street View databases, allowing the viewer to customize the video by entering the address of the house they grew up in.

The concept taps into the kind of waltzing nostalgia that runs through the band’s latest album, and is a creative and technical (HTML5, JavaScript) feat.

Go try it. A word of warning though: it is built to run on Google Chrome and it will be an exercise in patience to try it on another browser.

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Naguib Sawiris speaks …

.. Bell, Telus and Rogers: “A joke.” As for whether he would invest in them: “Too big. Too slow.”

… New wireless players Mobilicity and Public Mobile: “They will die.”

… Wind Mobile: “We have never failed anywhere, so we won’t fail here.”

… Wind Mobile’s growth: “When we become stronger, we will hit back. And we will make pain. And they [Rogers, Bell and Telus] will suffer.”

… Lawyers: “Legal advice can screw a company.”

… Iraq: “They kidnapped our people, two or three times.”

… Whether Canada is a stable market for him: “I wish I could say that. It should have been.”

… Being rich: “I’ve turned down a lot of deals in my life, with a lot of good profits, because I didn’t like the party on the other side. And when people say this is not really professional, I tell them, ‘It’s the luxury of being rich.’ ”

… The CRTC: “It’s like when you play football and you beat the guy under the belt because the judge is not looking. But in your case, he’s looking and approving.”

… Operating in Canada: “There has been too many constraints. We have not been able to launch this operation in the way we usually launch our operations.”

… Building a wireless network in Canada: “Every time you put up a [cell] site, you need to ask everybody from the grandmother to the children in the street to the next door neighbour to his cousins.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Public Pensions and Our Fiscal Future

arnold finally sounds like he is taking the problem seriously …

It’s as if Sacramento legislators don’t want a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but a government of the employees, by the employees, and for the employees.

For years I’ve asked state legislators to stop adding to retirement debt. They have refused. Now the Democratic leadership of the assembly proposes to raise the tax and debt burdens on private employees in order to cover rising public-employee compensation.

But what will they do next year when those compensation costs grow 15% more? And the year after that when they’ve risen again? And 10 years from now, when retirement costs have reached nearly $30 billion per year? That’s where government-employee retirement costs are headed even with the pension reforms I’m demanding. Imagine where they’re headed without reform.

My view is different. We must not raise taxes or borrow money to cover up fundamental problems.

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