Naguib Sawiris speaks …

.. Bell, Telus and Rogers: “A joke.” As for whether he would invest in them: “Too big. Too slow.”

… New wireless players Mobilicity and Public Mobile: “They will die.”

… Wind Mobile: “We have never failed anywhere, so we won’t fail here.”

… Wind Mobile’s growth: “When we become stronger, we will hit back. And we will make pain. And they [Rogers, Bell and Telus] will suffer.”

… Lawyers: “Legal advice can screw a company.”

… Iraq: “They kidnapped our people, two or three times.”

… Whether Canada is a stable market for him: “I wish I could say that. It should have been.”

… Being rich: “I’ve turned down a lot of deals in my life, with a lot of good profits, because I didn’t like the party on the other side. And when people say this is not really professional, I tell them, ‘It’s the luxury of being rich.’ ”

… The CRTC: “It’s like when you play football and you beat the guy under the belt because the judge is not looking. But in your case, he’s looking and approving.”

… Operating in Canada: “There has been too many constraints. We have not been able to launch this operation in the way we usually launch our operations.”

… Building a wireless network in Canada: “Every time you put up a [cell] site, you need to ask everybody from the grandmother to the children in the street to the next door neighbour to his cousins.”

via Naguib Sawiris on … – The Globe and Mail.


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