WIND Mobile Files Chatr Complaint

While they were content to stand back and fight it out old school over the mere presence of the “fighting brand,” WIND Mobile is now concerned with Chatr’s claims about service. See, Chatr claims to have “fewer dropped calls and a better network” than its new competition. This doesn’t sit well with WIND Mobile’s chief executive Anthony Lacavera.

“It’s a classic case of the incumbents playing games here domestically,” Lacavera said in a speech to the Toronto Board of Trade. ”Instead of really focusing on growth opportunities – genuine growth opportunities – they’d rather spend their energies trying to kill nascent competition.”

Lacavera’s complaint references something called a “hard handoff.” This occurs when a subscriber ventures outside of their particular carrier’s coverage area. In Canada, Lacavera says that a “loophole” enables incumbents to immediately drop those calls once they begin to roam on a competitor’s network. Customers see it as a WIND Mobile call being dropped, even though the call is actually “purposely” being dropped by the incumbent’s network during the shift.

Add to this that Rogers’ Chatr then claims to have “fewer dropped calls” and you’ve got a perturbed WIND Mobile – rightly so.

via WIND Mobile Files Chatr Complaint —


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