Smartphone Q3 Market Share

Gartner, Strategy Analytics, IDC, and Canalys make up the “big four” used by BSN to generate their own report. These guys all record data on smartphone sales and active OS deployment. These numbers, separately, are usually considered both accurate and useful for researching a companies next business move. Together, they provide infinite data on the subject. This time last year, the smartphone market had seen one of it’s biggest years ever with the sale of 41 million smartphones. That number is child’s play compared to 2010, where we have seen the smartphone market explode into nearly double that amount, with 80 million smartphones sold. Now, the big question on my mind when I read that is, which phones?

1. Symbian [Nokia] 29.0 million for 36%

2. Android [Google] 20.0 million for 25%

3. iOS [Apple] 14.1 million for 18%

4. Blackberry OS [RIM] 12.4 million for 16%

5. Windows Mobile [Microsoft] 2.4 million for 3%

6. Bada [Samsung] 1.3 million for 2%

Others 0.8 million for 1%

TOTAL: 80 million

As was pointed out by BSN, this is the first time Symbian has been below 40%, and not just by a little bit either. Android’s explosive rise to the top has taken chunks out of RIM, Symbian, and Windows Mobile, but has done very little to affect Apple comparatively. Apple has essentially reached a standstill in the smartphone war, while Android begins to consume everything else around them

via Smartphone Data Q3 – The Unbelievable Number Roundup › AndroidGuys.


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