Hedge Fund Manager Harris Kupperman

an insightful interview with a smart guy!   i have much in common with him, investment history and opinions going forward, except i never decided to take the money that others wanted me to invest, so i only run my own funds (and therefore don’t have a staff)


I have been following Harris Kupperman for a while now and I am always impressed with his ability to foresee long term macro shifts and put those themes to work with deep fundamental company research. In addition to this, Harris is 100% self taught and built an incredible track record with a fund he started straight out of college. He is one of the best investors I have met when it comes to finding “small companies that will become big companies” and so it gives me great pleasure to introduce Harris Kupperman of Praetorian Capital

via Distressed Debt Investing: Hedge Fund Manager Interview Series.


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