donate to Stop Internet Metering

The fight to stop usage based Internet billing is gathering momentum.Donate Now

You already know that over 21,000 people signed the Stop The Meter petition, but have you heard about the other ways we’re picking up speed? Did you know…

  • …that MPs like Libby Davies have also added their names to show that they are on our side?
  • …that a motion has been put forward at Vancouver City Hall to get the City Council to call on the CRTC to reverse their bad decision?

The momentum is with us, but we need to build on it and push the issue forward into the new year. We can’t succeed without your help.

Usage-based billing may very well be the greatest threat to the Internet ever, and only the CRTC can stop this nightmare. We urgently need to gather funds to buy full-page ads, and make the massive wave of public outrage over Internet metering impossible for our Media Regulator to ignore.

via Letter to Supporters: We know who can stop Internet metering… |


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