Kass Surprises for 2011 – GOLD

Surprise No. 9: The price of gold plummets by more than $250 an ounce in a four-week period in 2011 and is among the worst asset classes of the new year. The commodity experiences wild volatility in price (on five to 10 occasions, the price has a daily price change of at least $75), briefly trading under $1,050 an ounce during the year and ending the year between $1,100 and $1,200 an ounce.

via Kass: Two New Surprises for 2011 – TheStreet.


One thought on “Kass Surprises for 2011 – GOLD

  1. gold will top 1650 per troy in october 2011 and will level off at 1575 at years end. please do not comment, I do not want to hear any of your sh!t (:

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