Stuff White People Like

I’d venture to say most people at the postmodern wave of development don’t think of themselves as postmodernists at all. It’s a point of view acquired by osmosis, usually through attending a university. It happened to me. I went from being a straight-edge TV watching Catholic suburban white boy with the accompanying moderate racism and homophobia to a vegetarian atheist marijuana smoking non TV owning university theatre student with gay friends, passionately believing all corporations are bad and all subtitled films are good. No one imposed these new values on me. I breathed them in from my environment and morphed into a new person in a few short years. It’s a natural and predictable progression. I’d gone through the earlier stages: Magic, as a kid (believing I could affect the laws of physics by wanting to), then Mythic-Membership (believing God could bend the laws of physics on my behalf, and that my group would go to heaven, all others be damned), then Rational (doing very well in high school math)(though still clinging to literal interpretations of various Bible stories)(different stages can coexist in a person), and finally made it to Pluralist/Postmodernist (celebrating the micro over the macro).

via Stuff Postmodernists Like (reviewing the website Stuff White People Like)


6 thoughts on “Stuff White People Like

  1. Hey fag-bag,
    Go buy a twelve pack of high life, and eat 3 hamburgers from jack in the box. Noone cares about your stupid alternative ideologies, or the “inner peace” you get from “blazin dat beautiful buddha.” Go to church hungover. Buy a gun. Grow some balls. And stop being a fucking queer.

    Also, don’t use “I have gay friends” as a reason as to why you think you’re cool. If they knew you were only friends with them because they’re gay- which is why you are friends with them- they would never talk to you again.
    And subtitled films are good, but fagtastrophes like you are what attach the hipster retard stigma.
    And anything you say can be shot down with “Pot smokers are enemies of the government, and the government has the guns and the women.”
    So have fun jacking off to a bag of sunchips, buttfucker.

  2. haha, i thought he was pretty funny, although he clearly doesn’t get the authors point, and definitely has a few issues himself (including sunchips??)

    and BTW Shane, this is a repost from not my own writing. i just think he’s got some great insight and writes so well.

    have a happy day!

  3. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems
    as though you reloied onn thee viudeo to make youir point.
    You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligeence
    on just posting videos tto your weblog when you could be giving us something enlivhtening to read?

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