The Iranian War of All vs. All

Ahmadinejad just fired fourteen of his closest advisers, a few  days after firing Foreign Minister Mottaki, a man he didn’t much like.  Does this suggest a strong, confident regime to you?  Not to me.  Meanwhile, in a spectacular display of bumbling confusion, one bigtime prosecutor says that Green leaders Mousavi and Karroubi are going to be put on trial, and then another bigtime prosecutor says “we didn’t say it would happen right away.” And then the regime backs off altogether, saying that the necessary conditions aren’t present.

Indeed, it’s even worse than that.  While the prosecutors are trying to figure out what to do about the Greens, the supreme leader himself announces a vicious 10-day campaign against his opponents.  And just what do you think he has in mind?  Why, he’s going to issue some statements, that’s what.

Meanwhile, in yet another sign of the regime’s profound distrust of the country’s armed forces, there’s a “restructuring” of the Army.  You and I would call it by its proper name:  a purge.

via Faster, Please! » The Iranian War of All vs. All.


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