the year of OLED displays

“In 2011 we will all experience the decisive breakthrough of OLED technology in displays and lighting,” says Erich Strasser, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the online portal The OLED expert has thoroughly analysed market and insider information: by mid-2011 Strasser expects global OLED production to have multiplied tenfold and promises numerous new, exciting products in the future.

According to Strasser, windows with transparent OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) will be commonplace in a few years time: during daylight hours they are transparent – in the evenings the OLEDs become a source of light. Windscreens in cars will function similarly, allowing navigation information to be transmitted through transparent OLEDs. Over the coming months, the publisher of expects huge advances in OLED technology: “The lifespan of the OLEDs will double, and contrast and colours will improve significantly.”

OLED have already reached the mass markets in smartphones: companies like Nokia and Samsung have a few models with OLED displays on the market. “In the future, almost all smartphones will include OLED,” Erich Strasser says. Strasser has been focusing on OLED technology since 2004 and opened the first online portal on the topic in the same year.

The advance in technology will continue at a record pace in 2011. Strasser: “The manufacturers have recognised the future of OLEDs. LG Display and Samsung Mobile Display alone will be investing EUR13b in new OLED production sites over the coming five years. A similar sum was invested in LCD technology at the time. It’s clear: in the coming years, OLED will also conquer the Flat-TV market and will gradually replace LCD and plasma technology.”

Erich Strasser: “As soon as 2011, LG plans to offer a 31” OLED 3D TV. And Samsung is even planning rollable OLED TVs within the next 24 months.”

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via On The Eve of a Technology Breakthrough-OLED Production Set to Increase Tenfold in 2011.


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