More Palestinians Want To Be Israeli Citizens

One of the givens of the Middle East peace process is that Palestinians are eager to be free of rule by Israel and to live in a state of their own. That’s why a new poll of the Arabs of East Jerusalem is striking: It shows that more of those people actually would prefer to be citizens of Israel than of a Palestinian state.

The poll, conducted in November, may be something of an embarrassment to Palestinian political leaders, who lately have been insisting that Israel should stop expanding settlements in the eastern half of Jerusalem – in effect giving up any claim to it – as a precondition for the resumption of peace negotiations.

The awkward fact is that the 270,000 Arabs who live in East Jerusalem may not be very enthusiastic about joining Palestine. The survey, which was designed and supervised by former State Department Middle East researcher David Pollock, found that only 30 percent said they would prefer to be citizens of Palestine in a two-state solution, while 35 percent said they would choose Israeli citizenship. (The rest said they didn’t know or refused to answer.) Forty percent said they would consider moving to another neighborhood in order to become a citizen of Israel rather than Palestine, and 54 percent said that if their neighborhood were assigned to Israel, they would not move to Palestine.

via CIC Scene » Why Palestinians Want To Be Israeli Citizens.


One thought on “More Palestinians Want To Be Israeli Citizens

  1. To Obront:

    If you could please inform about this site. I like to partisapate in comment to problems in Israel. I dont always have access to the internet lately because Im trying to move away from the USA. I cant set back and just let Israel fall apart without saying something. With the new things happening in the middle east information is key for the right kind of change for Israel. Im pro Israel, less pro Arab and not pro Muslim. Look forward to your responce.



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