Canada is ‘a purely random success story’: Shiller

Canada is being feted in international circles after coming through the financial crisis relatively unscathed, but the accolades may be unwarranted. That’s the conclusion of a leading U.S. economist who’s crunched the numbers and determined two factors that may take Canada down a notch or two: the housing market looks due for a U.S.-style drop; and, without oil, the country would be in trouble.

Robert Shiller, the Yale professor who correctly predicted the 1987 stock market collapse and the recent U.S. housing market meltdown, said Canada’s robust financial health compared to other nations is largely due to a random run-up in oil prices in the midst of the global financial crisis.

“It’s a major export for Canada and it went to US$140 a barrel in 2008, right when Canada needed it,” Prof. Shiller said in an interview Tuesday.

via Canada is ‘a purely random success story’: Shiller.


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