Naguib Sawiris … superb insight into Egypt

and great insight into this businessman who took a personally dangerous position in favour of the protestors at a key time

NAGUIB SAWIRIS:  What surprised me the most about it, because my fear was
that the Muslim Brothers are going to be the ones who will lead the
movement and do this movement and do the coup d’etat or whatever and take
over like Iran, you know?

And what did we find out?  It was this pure, brave, innovative, kind,
loving, intelligent youth.  You know, kids from rich families, kids from
the middle-class poor guys, rich guy, everybody was in that square.  Half
of my staff was in the square, and I looked — I was laughing.  I walked
into my office and it was empty.  People went.  So it was like Facebook
united the youth to ignite the revolution.

video here:
Charlie Rose – Naguib Sawiris, Chairman & CEO, Orascom Telecom.


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