Iceland Once Again Tells IMF, UK, Netherlands “Go to Hell”

Hats off to Iceland for a second time for telling the IMF, the UK, and Netherlands to “Go to Hell” over the most recent Icesave proposal, better thought of as Ice Torture.

Please consider Iceland’s President Vetoes Icesave Deal

For the second time, Iceland’s president vetoed a bid by the island nation’s Parliament to repay the U.K. and the Netherlands more than $5 billion lost by depositors in Iceland’s epic 2008 banking collapse—sending the matter to a referendum by a deeply skeptical public and complicating the country’s application to join the European Union.

If history is a guide, the deal once again faces nearly certain defeat. In the first plebiscite, 93.2% of voters, or 134,392, rejected the bill. Just 2,599 picked “yes,” badly trailing even the 6,744 who left their ballots blank.
The British and the Dutch governments stepped in in 2008 to compensate depositors in their countries who had placed money with Icesave, since Iceland’s tiny deposit-insurance program was woefully short of cash. The two nations soon demanded their money back—about £2.35 billion ($3.8 billion) for the U.K. and €1.32 billion ($1.8 billion) for the Netherlands.

The total amounts to about half a year’s economic output.


via Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Iceland Once Again Tells IMF, UK, Netherlands “Go to Hell”; “Ice Torture” Repayment Scheme Collapses.


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