Gemalto bringing NFC payments to dumb phones with MasterCard PayPass SIM

We’re seeing NFC chips showing up and tickling the innards of more and more mobile devices, but at this rate it’s going to be ages before we see some proper market penetration. Gemalto may have just jump-started that process with a new NFC on a SIM card design that’s certified by MasterCard PayPass. It’s similar to the company’s Zuckerberg on a SIM project we heard about last month, but this time it’s wirelessly paying for a drink and not wirelessly telling your friends how much you just had to drink. This means near-field wireless payments could be brought to nearly every GSM phone on the planet, also allowing for secure on-device transactions, like adding more minutes to a pre-paid phone. This is said to be the beginning of a “mass commercial roll out,” giving us reason to hope that soon forgetting our wallets at home will be a feature and not a bug.

via Gemalto bringing NFC payments to phones of any intelligence with MasterCard PayPass SIM — Engadget.


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