California Earthquake?

With regards to the action on the Pacific Ring of Fire over the past year, we have had the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile on February 27th last year, which caused a lot of devastation, a major quake in New Zealand several weeks ago which caused a lot of damage in Christchurch, and just a week ago the 9.0 magnitude quake in Japan. If we now look at a map of the tectonic plates of the world we can see that the Chilean quake just over a year ago was caused by movement of the Nazca plate. The movement of this plate obviously influenced the great Pacific plate, a contributory factor leading to first the New Zealand quake and shortly afterwards the Japan quake. We have therefore seen major movements in the Pacific plate first on its South Eastern flank, then on its South Western flank, and most recently on its North Western flank, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out which flank is probably next – the North Eastern flank – and that means most probably California.


via Clive Maund.


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