China’s third revolution is coming soon

Repression, if expertly applied, can prolong the life of a regime, but ill-applied coercion will bring about its end. Beijing’s leaders are now delegitimizing themselves, one harsh act at a time. The detention of the prominent artist and architect Ai Weiwei on April 3rd, and the jailing of hundreds of other critics in the last six weeks, are signs that the Party is now creating more adversaries for itself through the clumsy—and usually ineffective—use of force.

“Be prepared for much more erratic and inexplicable behavior on the part of the Party during the coming weeks and months,” warns Victor Mair of the University of Pennsylvania. Erratic and inexplicable behavior will only hasten the start of China’s third revolution.

China’s third revolution is coming soon, perhaps this year, exactly one hundred years after its first.

via Beijing Bans Ancient History. Gordon G. Chang


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