Hamas Fatah reconcile

Foreign Minister of Hamas Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: “In the past, the atmosphere was one of relying on the so-called peace process, which has dried up and has no life left in it. […]

“Making adjustments is a natural phenomenon. All creatures make adjustments, in accordance with the circumstances. Even in political issues, adjustments are made. The adjustments are not made at the expense of the principles, and were not what led to the agreement. […]

“I should make it clear that the political platforms will remain different. The question is how to manage platforms that do not conflict with one another. There will be different platforms.

Our perspective is entirely different from that of Fatah. Fatah believes in negotiations, while we believe that negotiations with the Israeli enemy are in vain. We believe in armed struggle, in addition to responsible governing, as well as making the government’s resources available to the resistance.

“We believe that obeying the terms of the Quartet would have entailed the loss of the Palestinian rights. We believe in the Right of Return and in other things. […]

“The terms of the Quartet meant, in short, recognition of the Israeli enemy, in exchange for bread, gas, and oil. Our steadfastness, which is credited – after Allah – to the Palestinian people, which demonstrated forbearance in this tragedy, has taught a lesson to the Quartet and others: The West cannot get everything it wants, even if it allows the Israeli enemy to launch a war against us, as happened at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.” […]

Member of Hamas political Bureau ‘Izzat Rishq: “The negotiations track is an illusion, and it has reached a dead-end. The negotiators themselves say that they have achieved zero results. Therefore, through this unity, we, the Palestinian people, want to examine our future options, and to restore the importance of the option of resistance, steadfastness, and adherence to the rights and principles of the Palestinian people.” […]

via Hamas Leaders Respond to Agreement with Fatah; Deputy Head of Political Bureau Moussa Abu Marzouq: ‘The Quartet Has Become Obsolete’.


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