HRW calls for investigation of Osama killing

HRW (Human Rights Watch) opposes natural justice for Osama Bin Laden, while Al Jazzera is a surprisingly strong defender of US actions. what a strange world!

YouTube – HRW calls for investigation over Bin Laden’s killing.


5 thoughts on “HRW calls for investigation of Osama killing

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  2. H.R.W. who the f… do they think there representing! And the bi… on the screen talking(WHO LOOKS MIDDLE EASTERN ANYWAY)telling us (the free world) we should have an investigation into the killing of a piece of dog s… who the f… does H.R.W think they are?
    Great interviewing from the British reporter using Hitler as an example, What was Hitlers view on human rights? the f…… same as Bin Laden.
    I and many in the free world are happy the bastard is dead, and extremist group/s cant take westerners as hostage to demand his release! I wonder how many more would die if the prick was still alive.Personally I hope they have got him alive and torturing him for information to save more lives in the future. If this blog does not print this comment then I will know who they support also, Good on you U.S. I hope you go after more of these bastards in Pakistan, and anywhere else they hide, and if that country want to allow them to hide in their country then I say “F… You too.
    Have a nice and safe day,
    Mark the Aussie.

  3. i think the majority of the western world feels like you do mark. and that is why a large change in political parties is overdue, particularly in europe

    comments are always freely posted uncensored on this blog 😉

  4. Mark and Obront you are both so right on the money! The word is sick of bleeding hears and do gooders, Here in the U.K. Islam has all but screwed our country. Time the word fought back and re claimed our lands.

  5. Oh! by the way I can spell I mean “world”
    Sorry about that.
    Hey, I would love to hear more comments on this issue at least Mark and Obront have the balls to say what they think, so come on everyone put some back bone where your wish bone is and contribute to let these pricks know what we think of their dam Sharia law in the west, or are you too scared because you don’t want to offend them!That”s want they want, you to be silent… know bad thing happen when good people DO NOTHING. (eg)Hitler
    Well I agree with Mark “fu.. them”

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