De Novo Education. online high school credits

this is new business for a new era in education … an pure online high school for students in Ontario, Canada

De Novo Education is an accredited online private high school that fosters independent student achievement. Students will be provided with the freedom to work on their own schedule, along with the guidance crucial to cultivating success. This newfound educational autonomy encourages our students to develop into self-motivated, goal-oriented and independent learners.

Summer Courses take place over a one month period in either July or August. Over these months, we offer the following courses:

ENG4U – English, 12
MDM4U – Mathematics of Data Management, 12
HZT4U – Philosophy: Questions and Theories, 12
CIA4U – Analysing Current Economic Issues, 12
CHY4U – World History: The West and the World, 12
BAT4M – Financial Accounting Principles, 12

We are pleased to announce the addition of the following courses for the school year beginning in September 2011. Registration will begin in July:

MCV4U – Calculus and Vectors, Grade 12, University Preparation
CHI4U – Canada: History, Identity, and Culture, Grade 12, University Preparation
SBI4U – Biology, Grade 12, University Preparation
SCH4U – Chemistry, Grade 12, University Preparation
SPH4U – Physics, Grade 12, University Preparation
BBB4M – International Business Fundamentals, Grade 12, University/College Preparation

De Novo Education.


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