Jim Rogers says commodities bull market has several years to go

rogers is a calm and thoughtful investing genius

Jim Rogers tells Reuters Insider that supply constraints are leading to a commodities bull market “with several more years to go.” He said he expects rising prices to attract new investment.

“I don’t know when it’s going to end,” Rogers says of the commodities bull market, “but there’s been no new supply, virtually no new supply of anything. The world’s known reserves of oil continue to decline at a steady rate. The average age of farmers is 58 years old in America. In 10 years they’re going to be 68 years old if they’re still alive. There are very few mines brought on stream. By 2008, after nine or 10 years into a bull market, people normally would be bringing on new capacity. But then along came the collapse and people said ‘I’m not gonna open a new mine.’ So many things have been delayed or canceled. So the supply, which normally would be coming on this stage of a bull market, may not be coming on. So no, the bull market’s got years to go.”

Full Video Interview here …

via Hedge Funds | HedgeWorld | The Definitive Hedge Fund Community.


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