Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on “tax-and-spend socialists”

Mayor Rob Ford states his case on privatizing the city’s garbage collection during a debate on Tuesday. (CRAIG ROBERTSON/Toronto Sun)

Mayor Rob Ford called his opponents “tax-and-spend socialists” as council waded into the garbage privatization debate Tuesday.

In his opening speech to council, Ford didn’t pull any punches setting the stage for the debate on contracting out trash collection as a battle between council’s political left and right.

“We’re going to divide ourselves up today into two groups, this will be very simple for the taxpayers to see, you’re going to have one side of council that is going to support high taxes, big spending, out-of-control union contracts,” the mayor said in an uncharacteristically fiery council speech. “We’re going to have the other side of council that is going to demonstrate restraint in spending … that are going to have respect of taxpayers’ money and are going to bring accountability to City Hall, that are sick and tired of the tax-and-spend socialists down in this city. That’s what it is going to come down to.”

Ford — who campaigned on privatizing trash collection — thanked Public Works chairman Denzil Minnan-Wong and Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday for their work on the issue.

“You’re going to have the left or you’re going to have the right and I can tell you right now people support fiscally responsible councillors coming down here and doing what I’ve said we’ve done for the 160 days we’ve been in office,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the debate and I hope for the taxpayers’ sake that we contract out garbage, everything west of Yonge St., by the end of today.”

via Mayor: Council split is obvious | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.


2 thoughts on “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on “tax-and-spend socialists”

  1. Rob Ford does not care much for the democratic process I can see that very clearly by his bully tactics in council.
    He assumes that any councilor who does not vote his way is against the taxpayers interests, but this is rubbish!
    Those councilors are for a clear understanding of just what the savings will be to the taxpayers , and the Ford regime seems to be having problems coming up with figures to show any saving at all.

    There are many city managers of all levels that could be chopped right now and guess what, they have no union or contract to wait a year on before doing anything about them.

    It looks as if this Blob Ford is being selective and more interested in breaking unions then he is at going after gravy.

    Cops being handed a nice 11.5% increase and what about that paid duty gravy train ?
    65 bucks an hour to stand on a street corner watching others work.

  2. 18 billion dollars in realestate assets and Ford decides to put people out of city homes when there are all kinds of valuble properties he could unload that are actually costing tax payers money to heat and light up were the houses people were paying rent on and this was a money making deal were the renters were paying the heat and lights along with a market rent.

    Seems that some voters are fine with this mans behavior as long as they think there is money being saved.

    I’ve been around a long time and know alot about how the city operates and I can tell you there is alot of fat that could be cut from city hall in the way of overpaid office people.

    It would have been better if Ford had started from the top down , but I see this has not happened , he seems to have an anger thing going on and wants to kick the the bottom workers around while leaving the 100 grand plus club untouched.

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