Microsoft-Nokia vs Android

Of course, MSFT/Nokia has two major advantages that a smaller, faster, more entrepeneurial company would have capitalized on already and took over the mobile computing space. These advantages are Office compatibility and Xbox/Xbox live. In the enterprise, consumer productivity, and gaming space, Microsoft is literally the king. Nokia is one of the, if not the, best phone hardware manufacturers in the business, but management that is stuck in the previous tech paradigm just does not get it. You must move faster than just very fast, and you must press your strategic advantages YESTERDAY, not just immediately. Ask Google, who is developing Android at the fastest rate that I have every seen anything in the industry develop. It is this development speed that may very well put MSFT’s key advantages at risk. The new games for the Tegra 3 quad core SOC and 12 core graphics chips rival that of today’s consoles. They are being released in the next quarter, not years from now

via Reggie Middleton Boom Bust Blog – Contact Us.


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