12 Million Homes Will Cut TV Cord by 2015

While the lion’s share of defecting cable customers are switching to telcoTV and satellite alternatives, “cord cutters” (users who cut the TV cord in favor of Internet video) continue to be a slow and growing reality, despite the best efforts by cable executives to pretend they don’t exist. According to new predections by SNL Kagan, 12 million households, or roughly 10% of all TV subscribers, will choose to go without cable, satellite or telco video service by 2015. Most firms have noted that Internet video’s impact has a very slow trajectory, and that cable TV will dominate for most of the next decade. In 2011, SNL expects 4.5 million people, or 4% of cable TV subscribers to abandon their cable service. Obviously phone and cable companies will still make their money on the broadband side of the equation, and this slow rise of Internet video is the very obvious motivation for the desire to shift to caps and per byte overages.

via SNL Kagan: 4.5 Million Will Cut TV Cord in 2011 – 12 Million Homes Will Cut TV Cord by 2015 | DSLReports.com, ISP Information.


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