Bounce, Stride Angle, Toe Lift, and more … RUNNING STYLE

When I run, I run bare­foot. This makes me more effi­cient than a ver­sion of me that wears shoes. I attribute my lack of injuries, bet­ter recov­ery, less tired­ness to run­ning bare­foot. If you are a seri­ous run­ner, look into it. It was one of the smartest things I did. Run­ning shoes have a lot of spiel about “cor­rect­ing prona­tion” and stuff like that. But that’s how you run nat­u­rally and shoes by cor­rect­ing your stride often end up caus­ing a lot of injuries. Shin splints, for exam­ple, are one of the most com­mon ones. But a more generic issue that shoes cause is not giv­ing you feed­back when you are run­ning poorly. All the padding, espe­cially in the heels (why do you need so much heel padding if heel strik­ing is taboo?), doesn’t tell you “Hey idiot! You keep land­ing on your heels”. Instead, this pain man­i­fests in knee pain, shin splints etc. If you run bare­foot and land on your heels, you know imme­di­ately. And you have no option but to run in a more effi­cient man­ner. But as I keep repeat­ing, what worked for me need not work for you.

via Bounce, Stride Angle, Toe Lift, and more. Oh my, what happened to plain old heel striking? | Arvind Ashok.


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