WIND Mobile Q2 2011 = 317k subscribers

WIND Mobile is on the verge of expanding their reach and lighting up the Kitchener-Waterloo area on August 16th. This will take them to 6-core city locations, now in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver. Subscriber numbers always give a great indication of how a company is doing. Last we heard from WIND was in Q1 when they had almost reached the 300,000 subscriber milestone. Today, financial backer Orascom Telecom reported Q2 2011 results and this included WIND Mobile Canada stats. In the report it revealed that WIND now has 317,000 active subscribers, an increase of 45,341 subs in 3-months (14%). In addition, compared to a year ago this represents an 223,118 jump in subscribers.

Since WIND has always offered cheap monthly price plan you’d expect their ARPU (average revenue per user) to be low. This now sits at $27.80 (CDN), actually up $1.10 from the last quarter.

WIND’s 317,000 subscribers to the Big 3: Rogers has 9,127,000, Bell has 7,283,847 and TELUS has 7,097,000. As for the Big 3 ARPU in Q2, Rogers was $60.26Bell was $52.99 and TELUS hit $58.88.

Source: Orascom (PDF)
Via: Reuters

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