Will it be Japanization, Monetization, or Crisis 2.0?

I think of these 3 choices as: Fix it Slow, Fix it Fast or Keep Delaying
(is there any question which one all current politicians try?)


There are three major ways of dealing with this crisis:

Japanization – A Slow Death – Like Japan. Accept deflation, along with slow gradual restructuring, massive fiscal deficits, negative real-rates, housing prices lower than 30 years ago and a stock market valuation at less than 50 per cent of its peak

Crisis 2.0 – A Forest Fire of deleveraging, political and economic changes created by necessity and need for moving forward. This scenario features a deep one-to-three year recession followed by better debt to equity, more realistic future expectations, and a public sector under control.

Monetization – The extend-and-pretend forever solution, buying time – more of the same, patch work solutions, slowly forcing Europe towards fiscal consolidation not changing the Maastricht but the ECB charter to allow it to be lender-of-last-resort. This is the final phase of ‘Maximum Intervention’ – bigger and bigger direct support on liquidity(as seen today) and no impact on the solvency.

via Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Point of No Return: Will it be Japanization, Monetization, or Crisis 2.0?.


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