A Guy’s Gotta Eat = US/Canada food price comparison

I have been thinking of doing a one-to-one shopping exercise to see what an average trip to the grocery store costs in each of the countries so this is the month. In the U.S. the shopping was done from the October 23rd Arizona Republic flyers and at the local Albertsons store. In Newmarket from the October 20th Era-Banner flyers and the local Metro store. To keep it fair I did not factor in any of the coupons that were in the Arizona paper even though I believe that this could have reduced the U.S. spend by as much as another 20%.

I tried to keep it at what we would use in a typical week other than items like paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent etc. that you buy in larger quantity to last the month. All sizes are exactly the same as I translated oz to ml to make sure I was consistent.

The verdict: It cost me $87.27 less to shop in the U.S. Price before taxes. If I add in a case of beer and bottle of wine difference is $111.58. With a little bit of work I thing you could stretch these items out to 2 weeks, so using this you would be looking at an Annual Savings in excess of $2,500.00 – Probably more if you were to use coupons or go to Costco.

Details as follows …

via A Guy’s Gotta Eat | 2sidesof49.


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