best coffee i ever had … Sun-Dried Ethiopia Harrar from Starbucks

US:Sun-Dried Ethiopia Harrar-PDP

Sun-dried to unveil the flavors of dark berry and rummy spice.

This coffee was produced by approximately 50 small independent farms located in the highlands outside of Harrar City in eastern Ethiopia. Unlike most Harrar coffees, these beans come from a single micro-region which produces truly distinct Harrar taste characteristics.

For centuries, the sun-dried method is the only way coffee farmers in Harrar have processed coffee. Leaving the cherry on the bean to dry and then de-husking it captures all of the rich flavors and accentuates the unique, exquisite notes.

This coffee is sweet and syrupy with rich, rummy spice notes and flavors of dried dark berry and rich chocolate flavors.

via Sun-Dried Ethiopia Harrar™ | Starbucks Coffee Company.


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