A Gutenberg Moment for Broadcasting?

The “Ignorant Mob” now has a 10 Person Satellite Truck

Google announced on May 7th, it’s giving people around the world the ability to go live on YouTube via G+ “Hangouts On Air“.  While this is great news for citizen journalists, it has some traditional TV types scratching their heads.  If more people worldwide have the ability to broadcast, doesn’t that weaken the power of traditional broadcasters?  Depends on whether you think people with call letters are the only ones capable of doing heavy news lifting.  I do not.

Hangout OnAir during Montreal Demonstration

Google Plus Hangouts On Air allow people to stream live on YouTube a 10 person video chat.  After the broadcast ends, that clip is automatically uploaded to YouTube for sharing.  No Ustream account or recording software needed.  The Hangout On Air also tells the host how many people are watching the live Hangout broadcast. 

via Sarah’s Stories.


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