How To End Our Addiction To Foreign Oil


Now we finally have the technology and resources to end our addiction to foreign oil by creating an open market for Cheaper, Cleaner, American-Made fuels. Free competition for domestic fuel among oil, natural gas, ethanol, methanol, and electric power would set the nation on a path toward more jobs, lower inflation, a healthier environment and a safer world.

Critical Breakthroughs

These major developments have set the stage for removing the barriers to fuel competition:

  • Maturing Technologies for Natural Gas Production. Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), imaging, horizontal drilling and new bit technologies have resulted in a major increase in natural gas production to power vehicles directly and to create methanol fuel.
  • A Revolution in Biofuels.  Improvements in the yield-per-acre of biofuel crops have dramatically increased the supply of replacement fuel feedstocks.
  • The Proliferation of Flex-Fuel Technology. Vehicles now have common technology and are controlled by computer software that greatly simplifies the conversion from gasoline-only to replacement fuels.

via Beyond Oil: How To End Our Addiction To Foreign Oil | Fuel Freedom.


Is Methanol the Key to Energy Independence?




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