Using Canadian Credit Cards in US Gas Stations

Most Canadians visiting the USA have had this experience: you pull into a gas station, swipe your credit card, the pump asks for your Zip Code, and it gets rejected. That means you have to go inside and prepay, then pump, then go back to adjust the price. Ugh!

The rejection happens because Canada uses a Postal Code with 6 characters (3 letters and 3 numbers alternating) instead of American Zip Code of 5 numbers. After years of frustration, i’m happy to share the simple solution: you take your Postal Code, delete the letters, and add two trailing zero’s.  For example, if your Canadian postal code is M4S-3H7, then your “US gas station zip code” is 43700

I’ve tested this with TD Visa and AMEX. As they say “your mileage may vary”, so post your results in the comments below …


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