With a massive boom in recent years, electronic dance music (EDM) has witnessed serious growth in both fan base and active artists alike. But do more DJ’s necessarily equate to enhanced music? What about the original figures who were part of edm before it was a major player in mainstream airwaves — those driven by sheer passion for the sound and devoted to a then humble craft? When edm experienced its initial upswing, it was not the invention of big-budget label financing, but the natural result of something fresh that compelled audiences to move like never before. As the swarm of artists continues to swell, tapping into the initial impulse behind edm becomes increasingly difficult. Luckily, you’ve made your way to lyf and our spotlight on Canada’s one and only jelo. With nearly two decades in the edm scene, jelo (also known as Josh Obront) stands amongst our nation’s pioneer producer/performers and has the resume to testify to such. With an impressive track record, including top national and international events, #1 hits on Beatport charts and collaborations with the likes of Deadmau5, Hatiras and Adam K, jelo is the real-deal. lyf caught the man resting his neck from the trademark afro-bang to chat with us about roots, performance, edm past and present and what’s next for jelo.

via MIX-MASTER OF THE MONTH: JELO | Live Young and Free.


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