Microsoft drove the bus off the cliff, now it tries to speed up

Microsoft has driven off the cliff into the death spiral and rather than change direction they are trying to speed up their ‘momentum’. Endless reorgs, paid analyst reports, and flat-out lying to anyone who will listen won’t help, they can not succeed from their current position.

Could it get any worse for Microsoft? Surprisingly no but that isn’t to say it will get better, the company is at the nadir of everything. They have no friends, they have no partners, and no one will go out on a limb to help them. Even when paid many refuse, the major web services are simply absent as far as apps go, not something that can be cured with a bit of cash. Their position simply can’t get any more dire than it is now, and that is a profound statement. Even well paid analysts don’t try and float excuses like the impending 7″ form factor will turn every thing around, Excel on a 7″ multi-touch screen is what you have been waiting for, right? Trade in your iDevices ASAP, how can you lose?

For Microsoft to change their path the company needed to take quick decisive action. They needed to show partners that they would not unfairly compete with them, and they failed. They needed to show end users that the next version would make things better, the ‘Start’ menu in 8.1 simply throws the things users object to most back in their face. They needed to soothe app devs and entice them back but instead they stonewalled on revenue and made app approval needlessly harder.

All of these fairly basic fixes needed to happen months ago in order for those needing the results to see the changes in a timely manner. Microsoft did none of this and quite bluntly went farther in the wrong direction in every case. Instead of fixes we got a reorg that consolidated power in the hands of the most incompetent of them all Steve Ballmer. If he was fired months ago there was a small chance Microsoft would survive, today he has more control than before. Microsoft has failed.

via Microsoft drove the bus off the cliff, now it tries to speed up | SemiAccurate.


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