A Liberals Defense of GMOs

Let me get a few things out of the way.  I’m a crazy fucking hippie.  I go to Burning Man every year.  I teach yoga.  I live in a co-op.  For the past two years I’ve been delivering organic vegetables for a local delivery service.  I’ve been eating vegetarian for years, and vegan for the past four months. I’m also fascinated by genetics.  I read every book that comes my way on evolutionary theory, population genetics, and mapping the genome.  I took several classes on the subject at the University of Pennsylvania.  All told, I have a pretty solid understanding of how genes work.  And ultimately, I’m just not that scared of GMOs.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I understand where my liberal friends are coming from.  I share the same desire for a safe and healthy food supply.  There’s a LOT that disturbs me about the state of food production and distribution in America.

I think Monsanto is evil, that patenting seeds and suing farmers is unethical, and that some GMO crops (like Roundup Ready Soybeans) lend themselves to irresponsible pesticide use and cross-contamination.

But I’m also not going to let my anti-corporate sentiments get in the way of a diverse and promising field of research.

When genetic engineering is used to decrease pesticide use, to add nutrients to crops in malnourished countries, and otherwise improve the quality of our food products, then it’s a valuable tool that can contribute to a safe and healthy food supply.

I want to address three points that are often brought up by anti-GMO advocates that are either simply untrue, or a lot more nuanced than we’ve been led to believe.

via A Liberals Defense of GMOs – Saul of Hearts.


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