The Onion Is The Country’s Best Op-Ed Page. Seriously.

The Onion isn’t Democratic or Republican. It’s clearly got a left-leaning outlook, but the editorial position is more properly characterized as against bullshit.


The satirical paper, which turned 25 on Thursday, still does plenty of hilarious articles on the mundane (“Nation’s Single Men Announce Plan To Change Bedsheets by 2019”), but its writing on current events has becoming increasingly biting. What they share in common with the best opinion writing is an ability to elegantly locate and dismantle a problem with an economy of words. In recent months, as Buzzfeed pointed out, the site has published a spate of crusading articles calling out the Obama administration’s inaction on Syria. (“Obama Deeply Concerned After Syrians Gassed to Death on White House Lawn”). After the Newtown shooting, “Fuck Everything, Nation Reports” was what I wanted to read, not insta-commentary on gun policy. “Congress Fiercely Divided over Completely Blank Bill That Says and Does Nothing” is just BARELY absurdist. “U.S. Continues Quagmire-Building Effort in Afghanistan” was a more pithy summary than the world’s best position paper. Racism (Report: Now Sadly the Best Time in American History to Be Black) and sexism (“Teenage Girl Blossoms Into Beautiful Object”) are slammed deftly, sharply, and blessedly un-earnestly.


via The Onion Is The Country’s Best Op-Ed Page. Seriously. | New Republic.


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