Machine Learning and Quantum Computing focus

As Microsoft prepares to absorb Nokia’s handset business, a new research strategy emerges. Microsoft’s New Head of Research, Peter Lee:


What are your biggest research bets right now?

Machine learning is the really big one. It is our number one investment. We think we’re well within reach of solving speech recognition, making a big dent in translation, and devices that see and hear with capabilities approaching human ones. So, for example, a camera could understand what is being said and what it is looking at. A photo could include this extra information. Or [a phone] could look at a plate of food and understand what it is, to help your diet and monitor your health.

We are expanding our activity in quantum computing pretty dramatically now. I predict that within five years, there will be a Nobel Prize related to quantum computing, for the basic science and physics of the ability to encode and compute using quantum effects. These are becoming technologies that will be the equivalent of a transistor for a new age. And it will help with other major efforts in security and privacy.

via Microsoft Leans on Machine Learning and Quantum Computing in New Research Strategy | MIT Technology Review.


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