8 Indicators for Gold

Please keep in mind that these indicators below can change quickly. So what you read about today can change in the weeks ahead to cause me to reconsider my thinking. But overall it has been a slow grind down for gold buyers. The bottom will be here soon enough. My indicators have to tell me to call it before I can be 100% bullish in the present. What it really comes down to for me is the same battle of inflation vs. deflation and as a result, a bullish dollar. Which of these do you see with these 8 indicators?

1. Demand from Gold Buyers Down

2. Stock Market at New Highs

3. VIX Volatility Index Not Showing a Lot of Fear

4. Europe Fighting Deflation

5. Dollar Bullish

6. Velocity of Money Still Pushing On a String – Deflation

7. Commodity Prices Heading Lower

8. 10 Year Treasury Still Below 3% – Safety in Treasuries?

Read this post for elaboration of each point:  8 Indicators That Tell Us Where Gold Might Go Next | Seeking Alpha.


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