About Obront

hi, i’m david obront, and this is my family: davida, zach and rachel

about this blog’s name … THIS TOO SHALL PASS

explaining the blog’s subtitle:

1) this is one of my favourite talks, by Juan Enriquez, about the economic flames of the present and the coming science revolution (a prediction he calls Homo Evolutis)

2) Lawrence Solomon explains why unconventional oil/gas will have huge impacts on both economics and foreign policy in “Energy will rescue the West



4 thoughts on “About Obront

  1. This too shall pass. I always though it was said with a wink, and generally said to young monks during euphoric expressions of joy by their seniors trying to remind disciples that the joy/clarity of insight or enlightenment is, just like suffering, evanescent. It feels to me it is primarily humbling rather than conciliatory. For those in suffering wish to hear it, those in joy, do not. We’re you addressing both audiences? Or one more than the other.

    • anything said with a wink to a monk must be profound 😉

      when i named the blog i was really thinking of the economic pain to come, but i really love the Solomon story and the way the phrase works equally well for both audiences … stay calm, stay humble

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